LTC-U2000 Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Plastic and Metal

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LTC-U2000 Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Plastic and Metal
Name:LTC-U2000 Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine for Plastic and Metal

Product Description

Application of LTC-U2000 Ultrasonic Face Mask Ear Loop Spot Welder:

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The ultrasonic spot welder LTC-U2000 uses ultrasonic wave to fuse the ear loop on both sides of the mask body to complete the face masks. Only one operator needs to place the mask piece on the welding head of the ultrasonic generator, and then put the ear loop on the mask piece. Push the foot pedal makes the cylinder move downward to sew the strap and the mask piece.


This ultrasonic spot welding machine is easy to operate, economical and practical, and can quickly recover the investment.

Main technical parameters:


Parameter Item



Maximum output power



Ultrasonic frequency



Input voltage



Welding time

0.1S adjustment


Preloading time

0.01S adjustment


Pressure holding time

0.01S adjustment

Functional Features:

1.    Microcomputer control, digital automatic frequency tracking, 28K ultrasonic frequency, with liquid crystal display, easy to operate.


2.    Flexible setting of welding parameters and arbitrary adjustment of welding speed can greatly improve welding efficiency and quality.


3.    Express delivery start, high-speed welding, automatic rise of the head after welding.


4.    The mould adopts round head, the welding surface is beautiful and the welding quality is guaranteed.


5.    It can quickly weld flat, N95 and other mask ear loops.


6.    The pressing time and back-up time of the welding head can be set. There is no need to manually control the back-up time. The operation is more labor-saving and humanized.


Principle of Ultrasonic Welding Machine:

When the ultrasonic wave acts on the contact of thermoplastic materials, it will generate tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second. This kind of high-frequency vibration reaches a certain amplitude, which will generate local high temperature. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, the temperature can not be distributed in time for a while, and it will gather in the welding area, until the contact surfaces of the two plastics melt rapidly. When a certain amount of pressure is applied, it will be integrated. When the ultrasonic stop, let the pressure last for several milliseconds, make it solidify and form a solid molecular chain, achieve the purpose of welding, and the strength is close to the strength of raw materials.

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