Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Drill Hole Machine for Valve Cores, Slide Valves and Oil Filter Tubes

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Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Drill Hole Machine for Valve Cores, Slide Valves and Oil Filter Tubes
Name:Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Drill Hole Machine for Valve Cores, Slide Valves and Oil Filter Tubes

Product Description

Basic Info.

Model NO.
1 Year
Home Appliance, Environmental Equipment, Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing, Agriculture Machinery, Textile Machinery, Food Machinery, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Medical Industry
Cooling System
Technical Class
Pulse Laser
Applicable Material
Structure Type
Gantry Type
Laser Classification
Solid Laser
Laser Technology
Laser Flame Cutting
Transport Package
Export Wooden Box Packing
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Product Description

Product Description
LK-JMW300 series High Precision Tube Laser Cutting Machine is laser cutting, drilling, marking and other micromachining professional equipment specially provided for valve core, slide valve, oil filter pipe and other pipe devices in automobile, aviation and motorcycle engine industry. The models adopt self-developed precision laser cutting head, and precision excitation cutting is also equipped with self-developed precision rotating shaft, And a sensor for online end positioning.
Product Features
1. Natural granite platform design: the machine platform layout of the model adopts the column cantilever structure of natural granite, and the shaft system takes the natural granite installation surface as the installation benchmark to ensure high processing accuracy and stability;
2. Autonomous precision pipe processing motion platform: lk-jmw300 adopts lasertube series autonomous precision pipe processing motion platform, which contains a precision rotating shaft that can rotate 360 °. Fully considering the requirements of precision pipe laser processing technology, on the basis of meeting the processing quality and efficiency, provide customers with customized design schemes of any combined shafting processing motion platform and personalized function modules with independent intellectual property rights;
3. Applicable to different brands of fiber lasers: it can be compatible with different brands and types of high-performance fiber lasers, and adapt to the laser processing requirements of precision thin-walled pipes with different pipe diameters and pipe lengths. The electric control interface specification is convenient for rapid switching, system upgrading and maintenance according to different customer requirements, so as to ensure high-quality product processing requirements;
4. Customized laser cutting head: the laser cutting head can be customized according to the customer's process requirements to realize the fast and accurate switching between different types of lasers;
5. Open CNC software platform: the shafting adopts direct drive motor and servo motor to provide power. The system is controlled through open CNC technology. The system has fast response, high motion accuracy and strong compatibility of open interface. The software system provides functional modules such as 2D graphic display and machining process management knowledge base, which has powerful functions and simple operation;
6. Outstanding technological capability: two technological modes, automatic rotary machining of engine pipe fittings and turning over of precision fixture, auxiliary functions of vacuum collection and slag connection, are provided to provide the best processing solutions for precision tube devices with different pipe diameter, wall thickness and pipe length.
Scope of Application
It is used in the micro processing fields such as laser cutting, drilling and marking of pipe devices such as valve core, slide valve and oil filter pipe in the engine industry of automobile, aviation and motorcycle. It is suitable for high-speed and high-precision automatic processing of engine pipe devices such as different pipe length, wall thickness, pipe diameter and shape.

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