5 Channel Battery Cells Sorting Machine CSM500

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5 Channel Battery Cells Sorting Machine CSM500
Name:5 Channel Battery Cells Sorting Machine CSM500

Product Description

5-Channels Battery Cells Sorting Machine



1.    Function description

CSM500 cylindrical battery cells sorting machine is a kind of testing and sorting equipment for cylinder battery's internal resistance, voltage and other parameters. It has a high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic test system. According to the internal resistance and voltage value set in the computer software, the device can accurately send the battery to the specified gear, and the system can realize multi-level sorting. This equipment can test 3600 cells per hour, and the structure design is simple and generous, the replacement model is convenient, and the performance is stable. So far, it is the first universal 5-channel sorting equipment in the market.


2. Technological process

The battery internal resistance, voltage and other parameters are set by the battery test software of the upper computer, and the following functions are automatically completed by PLC: manual battery loading wave wheel rotating feeding test cylinder test closing (data uploaded by tester, software sorting) pushing cylinder pushing battery sorting platform moving rotating sorting battery to material box. The equipment is equipped with sound and light alarm, which can complete sorting and automatic shutdown, Shortage alarm, fault alarm, etc. The operating parameters can be set according to the actual requirements of customers.


3. Separator structure


4. Schematic diagram of 5-channel

1) The equipment has compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and small space occupation.

2) The equipment is easy to operate without professional training.

3) The equipment is controlled by PLC. PLC is responsible for battery feeding, transporting and receiving. The operation is simple and easy to learn, the work efficiency is high, the labor cost is saved, and the product performance is good.

4) The equipment is made of high quality thick cold rolled sheet metal frame.

5) The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, which can move easily when it is shifted.

6) 18650 fixture (suitable for 21700) is provided as standard, and 26650 and 32700 fixture are provided with the machine.

5. Technical parameters of equipment:

Overall dimension: 1500 (length) × 600 (width) × 1400 (height) mm

Equipment net weight: about 100 kg

Internal resistance meter: 3561

Voltage measurement technical parameters: voltage measurement resolution: 0.1mv

Voltage accuracy: 0.05%

Technical parameters of internal resistance measurement: internal resistance measurement resolution: 0.1M Ω

Internal resistance accuracy: 0.3%

Working pressure: 4.8-6.0 kPa

Channel: 5-channels

Efficiency: about 3600 pieces / hour       Electrical parameters: 220 V, 1.2 kw

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