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Longtaich manufacture and sell:

1. Resistance battery spot welder, E-bike battery pack welder, Power tool battery pack welder, Drill battery spot welder, Self balancing scooters battery pack welder, Segway battery pack welder, Battery tabs spot welder, Battery nickel strips welder, Battery testing equipment, 18650, 26650, CR2032 battery cells, lithium battery, AAA battery, D-cell battery, Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery, battery welding pure nickel strips and tabs, battery accessories.etc.


2. AC and DC spot welding machine, metal sheet and wires spot welding machine. Widely use in welding small LED light wires, sheets, lighting hardwares, precision metal wires and sheet, copper wires, copper sheets, stainless steel sheets, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, alloy sheet, relays, fuses, circuit breakers, semiconductor devices, metal pins, etc. 


3.Other equipments.


Our company has our own production workshops, the production of welding machines can be customized according to customer requirements. The company will become your trusted partner by providing high-quality products, low price and perfect after-sales service!

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