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We'd like to manufacturer the suitable spot welders for you!

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Customers like to order the professional spot welders for their business, because good spot welders make much money for them!

Gantry Battery Pack Spot Welder

Gantry Power Battery Spot Welder is latest design, Space is big enough.

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Resistance Mini Spot Weld Head

Air driving spot weld heads, meet your different welding requirements.

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It is Convenient to Weld the Electric Bike Battery Pack

Gantry Battery Pack Spot Welder. Almost same price but give you a big help for spot welding.

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New Products

  • Battery Spot Welder LTC-F2000. Foot driving, Cheap...
    /Longtaich manufacture battery spot welder ,battery welder, battery nickel strips welder, battery pack welder, battery tabs welder, battery spot welding machine.Weld Power Tool battery packs,Balancecar,Swingcar,Segway,Self Balancing Scooter.

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  • Inverter DC Battery Spot Welder IP5000A
  • Power Tool Battery Pack Spot Welder LTC-DP300
    /Manufacture spot welders for E-bike battery pack, Power tool battery pack, Drill battery, Self balancing scooters battery pack, Segway battery pack, Battery tabs, Battery nickel strips,3A battery, D-cell battery, Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery.

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  • Power Battery Automatic Spot Welding Machine PB500
  • Resistance Inverter DC Spot Welder Welder IP-5000A
  • Sheet and wires spot welder DP300+WH100
  • Gantry Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Spot Welder D...
    /Longtaich LTC-DP300 Gantry E-bike Battery Pack Spot Welder, professional made for electric bike and electric car battery pack welding assembly. It is the DC capacitor weld power supply, fast-speed welding with LINK WELDING funcition.

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About Our Company

  • Different Spot Welders

    We have AC welders, DC Capacitor welders and DC Inverter welders.
  • Reasonable price

    Good price spot welder, save your purchase money.
  • Custom-made design

    We can change the weld head design for your convenient welding applications.

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  • "There are many pepole like to order the good quality spot welders for their welding applications. They said "Longtaich spot welders meet our requirements and we never worry about the welder's quality, the welding effict is perfect."
  • - Mike Chen