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Battery Spot Welder LTC-A4000

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Battery Spot Welder LTC-A4000
Name:Battery Spot Welder LTC-A4000

Product Description

Battery Spot Welder LTC-A4000, China Battery Pack Spot Welder Factory.

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 LTC-A4000 is a AC double pulse micro battery pack spot welding machine, it is widely use in welding 0.1—0.3mm thickness battery pure nickel strips. With air driving, easy operating and economic. Battery rebuild and assemble factories and workshops use this battery spot welder to weld E-bike battery pack, Power tool battery pack, Drill battery, Self balancing scooters battery pack, Segway battery pack, Battery tabs, Battery nickel strips, 18650, 26650, CR2032 battery cells, lithium battery, 3A battery, D-cell battery, Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery, battery welding pure nickel strips and tabs, battery accessories.etc.


LTC-A4000 battery assembly microcomputer precision welding power source adopts double pulse welding way, it is the present domestic advanced level high performance inverter resistance welding machine, designed for the production of high-end mobile phone batteries, power battery, digital Ni-mh battery, nickel Cadmium battery for and design.


LTC-A4000 precision AC resistance welding power source adopts Japanese thyristor inverter technology, microcomputer control technology and modern power electronic technology development of new power.


Since using AC, DC, AC, DC transform technique, time control to achieve millisecond level precision,

control response and control accuracy greatly improved; Dc output (below chart) make welding

manufacturability significant improvement; Inverter technology still make equipment has small, energy saving efficiency and a series of advantages; Microcontroller (MCU) and electronic technology using the equipment have modern equipment of excellent functions, including digital control, monitoring, fault diagnosis and protection, data transmission, equipment, the function is all ready, agile and convenient, wide adaptability.



The main technical characteristics:

Ac double pulse welding:

l  Double pulse welding, the first pulse used for the workpiece surface coating and oxide removal, and at the same time make in welding electrode contact place to produce slightly deformation and improve the effective contact surface, the second pulse is used for the metal welding on ontology. Can effectively promote the quality of the weld and reduce welding splash.

l   Pulse energy adjustable, welding cycle number adjustable. Power grid voltage automatic tracking

compensation, welding stable output current, welding strong, beautiful, splash is little, the operation

is simple, safe and reliable.


Control mode:

l  High speed and high precision 8 bit microprocessor (MCU) control, LED digital display, pulse energy

precision adjustable (0-999 ), pulse frequency number adjustable (0 to 8), preloading time adjustable (0 to 8), parameter locking function. Easy to operate, save time adjustable machine, it is suitable for different operating environment and operator.


Multiple fault protection:

l   Welding machine of the high power circuit and control circuit, is equipped with two sets of different

kinds of protection circuit, to prevent overheating equipment, and the external pressure and power

supply fluctuation on welder interference; In order to protect in bad environment butt welding machine damage. For some common faults have prompt function, butt welder overheating and damaged, will automatically alarm, and at the same time cut off power supply.


Precision welding head design

l   The cylinder and spring buffer combine to make the two welding electrodes in the welding of the pressure

when can relative regulation, because spring buffer action, make the cylinder will not direct action in the solder joint, thus effectively protect welding plane.

l   Head internal adopts photoelectric pressure switch, only in two welding electrodes pressure to achieve the set pressure to discharge welding, the welding protection reliability, and double electrodes pressure can be adjusted.


Unique structure:

l   Table stepless lifting, hand screw type locking, the adjustment is convenient accurate position.

l   Unibody design pneumatic operation, the operation is very easy.


The main technical parameters








Secondary side welding current



Secondary floating voltage



Weling control mode

single/double pulse


Maximum working pressure



Prewelding pulse energy



Welding pulse energy



Program-Changed welding



Welding mode

Basic welding/Link welding


Input voltage



Input frequency



Max working air pressure



Welding control

Air driving, foot fire switch welding





Overall dimensions



Welding electrodes diameter

Φ3 or Φ6 mm


Nickel strip welding thickness



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